We want to record you! 
     Hi, welcome to the studio, we want you to feel relaxed and make the best music you can. We have set up an easygoing vibe at Mighty Toad to record your music.  Think of the sound of your favorite old jazz and soul recordings, that is what we are geared for. We have the period microphones,amplifiers and keyboards to make this happen. But if you want to be modern, we can do that too! 
     We can record you in both analog and/or digital or a combination, ie; track drums to analog and then transfer to digital. We can also mix down in both formats as well. There is still something magical and terrific about analog tape, and there is nothing to worry about now, tape hiss is easily fixed in mastering without signal loss. Tape is readily available, ATR Magnetics is even producing the first new tape formula in years. 
     So keep us in mind, whether you have some overdubs, or a whole album to produce!